Lower back pain is extremely common and affects about 85% the public. It can be something as simple as muscle pain from exercise or lifting objects to severe pain down the leg with muscle weakness. In general, there are a few categories of lower back pain:

Muscle pain – very common and can be local pain in the lower back. It may feel like you “threw out your back” or you “can’t stand up straight”. General physical medicine and Chiropractic care will eliminate this pain with as little as 2 treatments.

Nerve pain – Nerve pain is more common in men than women and feels like sharp shooting pain down the leg or numbness in the feet. Muscle weakness can also occur. In most cases the nerve is actually not the problem it is the disc material that is “herniated” and pressing on the exiting nerve root causing pain down the nerve distribution. In many cases, the patient will not have any lower back pain, only pain into the buttock and leg. Physical medicine and Chiropractic care will either help or cure this type of pain. An MRI is a very good way to confirm a “nerve” or “disc” problem.

Bone – Bone pain is common older patients and can be characterized by stiffness along with pain. Arthritis can set in and cause your bones to be restricted with motion which will lead to pain. Physical medicine and regular trips to Dr. Ramsey’s office will help keep your spine moving freely insuring you are pain free.  

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