At Manus Health, we have 11 years of experience in dealing with auto accidents and can help you get fast and effective treatment for your injuries. Physical medicine, prescription medication, x-rays, MRI's, Medical and Chiropractic specialists, Orthopedic specialists and pain specialists are available in office or as a referral.

One of the hardest parts of an auto accident is finding out where you not only get treatment, but good treatment. Many of our patients come directly from their primary care physician because in most cases, the PCP does not want accept and deal with the paperwork involved. Our 11 years of experience has allowed us to streamline the paperwork for quick and stress free recovery for the patient. Our forms are available online in the "forms" section and can be emailed or faxed to our office in advance to make your experience even better


  Chiropractic Services X-ray MRI Medication Comments
Health Insurance Yes Yes Yes No Generally used as backup to auto insurance.
Personal Injury  (PIP) Yes Yes No No The patient’s own auto insurance policy. This will NOT affect the patients rates. Recommended.
3rd  Party (Other Driver) In Some Cases No No No Not accepted in many cases due to reimbursement difficulties.
Attorney In Most Cases Yes Yes Yes A good option in many cases if you have an aggressive attorney represent you.
Cash Yes Yes Yes Yes Always the best option but not always convenient for a patient.


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