Lower Back Muscle Pain

Katy Texas Sprain Strain vs Bone and Nerve pain.

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Lower back muscle pain symptoms can include but are not limited to:

  1. Pain with standing after sitting.
  2. Pain with active movement of the lower back.
  3. Tenderness in the lower back and "hip" muscles.
  4. Mild ---> severe pain instantly after picking something up.
  5. Pain in lower back and "hip" over period of time that has not healed.
  6. Pain in lower back related to Imbalance of muscles (Ex: weak core, tight hamstrings).

Many patients will have pain with first few steps and it will ease up.

Some with have pain in the lower back which will not allow them to stand up straight.

Some patient will fee crooked or not aligned.


Massage and/or myofascial release techniques to the lower back and buttock area with usually help with the symptoms and allow a patient to function normally without medication. Chiropractic care to the Lumbar spine and Sacrum will help the bones move freely and increase the range of motion. Targeted exercises to the lower back, hips, core, and legs will help relieve stress to the lower back paraspinal muscles. Taping and strapping to the lower back during the acute phase of care will help with stabilization and take some pressure off of the affected muscles.

 Alternative treatment options may include natural and/or prescription NSAIDs and muscle relaxants, Imaging studies and Electrical muscle stimulation. 



Generally 3-6 visits will greatly improve the pain level. We recommend a treatment plan will involve all aspects of care which will include about 2 weeks of pain control then 2 weeks of stability/exercises.

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